Andrey Loginskiy
8 min readDec 31, 2022


picture credits to Jason Goodman

I have consulted with many businesses of every size. From the single person entrepreneurs looking to work their way into a market place and legacy companies that have been around for decades looking for avenues to stay strong in a shifting marketplace. Small businesses too, I’ve counseled for many of them to start innovative projects, develop plans for crises and even restructuring debts. Small businesses can often underestimate the importance of hiring a financial advisor or will overestimate how much one costs as a means of putting it off. However, a professional consultant is always an investment, capable of providing unique solutions that the existing team can’t handle.

Here are 10 of the reasons why your small business needs a consultant.

1. Identify Unseen Problems

2. Gain Specific Expert Knowledge

3. Start the Process of Change

4. An Objective Opinion

5. Promotional Outreach

6. Assisting with Early Setup or Pre-Launch Work

7. To Help Make Hard Decisions

8. Stay In Touch with a Developing Market

9. Absolve Burnout

10. Inspire Business Growth



Andrey Loginskiy

Founder of Strategic Advisory Services